Seek Sedona from the Sky

Published on October 8, 2022


If hiking, biking, or just getting red dirt on your shoes and clothes are not for you but you’d still like to sightsee the amazing landscapes of Sedona, try a Hot Air Balloon. Nothing is more delightful and captivating than soaring into the sky and having a birds-eye view over a picturesque sight like Sedona.

Call it an “aerial nature walk” this exhilarating experience is only operated by two balloon companies who are permitted by the U.S. Forest Service to take off and land in the Sedona area. Red Rock Balloon Adventures and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions offer incredible balloon tours that will leave you breathless.

Red Rock Balloon Adventures invites you to morning take-offs with a Sunrise Balloon Flight. Watch sunrise during the ascent and after a gentle lift-off you’ll be gliding over the gorgeous Red Rock Country. Sedona’s natural wonders and wildlife sightings will delight you as you float calmly with the air currents. After a peaceful landing, a commemorative celebratory toast awaits you. The award-winning pilots will share the exciting history of ballooning and also share their experiences of competitive ballooning.

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is Sedona’s original and largest hot air balloon company. They also fly once a day, early in the morning, year round. Since hot air balloons have no steering mechanism, you will go where the wind takes you. Mother Nature is truly in charge. Their favorite launch site is off Red Rock Loop Road, close to Red Rock State Park. The flights are in the air for at least an hour but because of the occasionally rough terrain, it may sometimes be necessary to fly for up to two hours in order to find the perfect landing spot. After taking in the beautiful surroundings, your flight will conclude with an indulgent champagne picnic.

Before your Sedona hot air balloon adventure even begins, the crews from both companies offer a complimentary pick-up and return to your accommodations. No need to worry about directions of how to get there! You’ll arrive before sunrise to watch your vessel inflate in the pre-dawn light. As you lift off and ascend into the desert sky the sun will be coming up over the gorgeous Arizona landscape. Don’t forget your cameras!