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We bring over 30 years of hotel management experience and our legacy delivers much more.

The Catalyst
from Thought to Action

At Springboard Hospitality, we drive positive change through shared goals, nimble initiatives, and quantifiable growth. Our work is driven by committed sales and marketing leaders who are, at their core, builders. We understand your untapped possibilities require more than one-size-fits-all solutions. Your opportunities demand singular, customized attention. We structure expertise, potential and flexibility into everything we do, aligning what matters most to you—at any given time—delivering results specifically for you.

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Your Journey. Our Support.
A Pivotal Plan.

We take on more so you can approach challenges differently. Springboard Hospitality’s priority is the development of a framework that works just for your asset. Now more than ever, impactful results begin with the courage of new approaches complemented by time-tested expertise. Our team—a diverse mix of proven operations professionals, data analysts, developers, tech entrepreneurs, and guest service gurus—power your enterprise smoothly and easily so you can make your mark, and make it last.

Our History

From OLS Hotels & Resorts to Springboard Hospitality, here’s where we’ve been.
Ready to see what’s next?


Outrigger Lodging Services

Outrigger Lodging Services is formed as the US mainland partner to Outrigger Hotels Hawaii.


OLS Hotels & Resorts

(13 properties)
Outrigger Lodging Services amicably separates from Outrigger Hotels Hawaii and is renamed OLS Hotels & Resorts.


OLS Hotels & Resorts

(18 properties)
Ben Rafter, tech entrepreneur turned hotelier, along with a small group of individual company and hospitality professionals purchases OLS Hotels & Resorts.


Springboard Hospitality

(35 properties)
OLS Hotels & Resorts is relaunched as Springboard Hospitality with the objective of leading the industry as the premier West Coast and Hawaii independent operator.

Springboard is redefining the intersection of intentionality and hospitality. Your instincts are good. Transformation is the new narrative and you know it. Meet the future now. Championing your new standard is our driving force.